Dental Fillings in New Britain, CT

Dental Fillings in New Britain, CT

If you are concerned about your oral health due to pain in one of your teeth, you should visit Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut to get an examination. If decay is present, it will need to be removed, and a filling will need to be placed in the tooth to keep it strong and prevent further damage.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common occurrence throughout the world and is preventable by maintaining a healthy diet and good oral hygiene along with regular dental visits. Decay is formed when the minerals in the mouth are imbalanced, which can occur when sugars or starches are introduced to the mouth. Dryness in the mouth can also cause this imbalance to occur, which makes teeth more susceptible to damage from plaque and bacteria that eat away at the enamel.

Materials for Fillings

Your dentist has access to different types of materials that may be used to repair damaged teeth and keep their structural integrity intact. The material your dentist will use depends on several different factors, such as your budget, the location of the tooth being repaired, and the recommendation of your dentist. The materials that we use are high quality, which helps keep the teeth strong and lasting for years with proper care and oral health.

See Your Dentist Biannually

If you are a dental patient that cares for your oral health and would like to repair the damage done by tooth decay as well as decrease the risk of further cavities, visit Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut. We have everything needed to make sure that your teeth are healthy, and your smile is beautiful and bright. Schedule an appointment in our office by phone or simply stop by at your convenience.

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