Extractions in New Britain, CT

Extractions in New Britain, CT

At Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut, New Britain patients can expect the best care possible. This is why we provide safe tooth extractions using the latest dental techniques and technology.

Preparing for Tooth Extractions

Before the tooth is removed, you need to speak with your dentist. Your medical and dental history will be collected, and you are encouraged to disclose use of any substances that may impact the procedure or your oral health. An x-ray may be performed in order to ensure that the extraction goes smoothly. Once this is done, you are ready for your extraction.

Methods of Extracting Teeth

When it comes to the removal of teeth, there are two different methods that may be used. A tooth extraction will either be simple or surgical, so be sure to ask your dentist about how they will be removing the tooth. Let’s get into detail about simple and surgical extractions.


During simple extractions, your dentist will use a tool known as an elevator to loosen your tooth and lift it away from your gums. The extraction will be done gently, and patients have the option of using anesthesia or sedation during the procedure. Once the tooth is loose, the dentist will use forceps to remove it from the mouth. The procedure is not long, so you will not have to worry about long dental appointments for a simple extraction.


When your dentist needs to perform a surgical extraction, things may take a bit longer. The dentist will cut into the gums, making a small incision in order to expose the tooth. Sometimes it can be removed in one piece, but often it will be cut into fragments and removed. Surgery is recommended for teeth that are impacted or broken.

Your Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut dentist will only recommend an extraction if there is nothing else that can be done to save the tooth. Our goal is to avoid extractions whenever possible, which is why we encourage patients to visit our New Britain dental clinic at least twice a year. At biannual cleanings and oral exams, we can pinpoint problems and prevent damage from harming the tooth beyond repair.

If the surgery cannot be completed in our office or you require sedation we will connect you to a local specialist, so that you get the best possible results.

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