Dental Bridges in New Britain, CT

Dental Bridges in New Britain, CT

Dental bridges are a good tooth replacement option for many patients. However, bridges only one of the options available. Your dentist in New Britain can help you determine if dental bridges are right for your unique situation.

Dental Bridges in New Britain

A bridge restoration is basically two dental crowns placed over abutment teeth on either side of a space in the mouth. At Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut, we also place dental bridges over implants. Also, a replacement tooth, or pontic, fills the gap and connects the two crowns. Dental bridges are made of a variety of materials including porcelain, gold, silver, and porcelain-fused metals.

Benefits of Bridges at Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut

There are many benefits to dental bridges. First, bridges are both an aesthetic and function tooth replacement solution. Since it fills in the gaps left by missing teeth, you can chew and speak properly. Tooth loss can impact tongue placement and how you form words. Therefore, dental bridges in New Britain help improve mouth function. Because the crowns complete your smile, a bridge can give you the confidence to show off your teeth freely.

What’s more, a tooth bridge can make up for the absent natural teeth. This is particularly true if the crowns match the surrounding natural teeth. Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut’s tooth replacement options have the ability to boost your confidence and self-esteem. For people who are unhappy with the appearance of their missing teeth, this is great news!

In addition, bridges help maintain your facial structure. Gaps in your smile will eventually cause your teeth to shift out of position. Over time, this will movement will leave to bite problems. Dental bridges replace missing teeth and hold the existing natural teeth securely in place. Additionally, the restoration also helps reduce jaw bone loss.

Dental Restorations at Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut

Many Family Dentistry of Central Connecticut patients prefer dental bridges. This is because the restorations feel natural and are easy to maintain. It doesn’t take long to get used to having the bridge in your mouth. Also, when done properly, a bridge should blend in well with your natural teeth.

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